Computer Chess News

Dear friend,

the page Computer is dedicated to old chess programs and engines.

Testing - My favorite engines (Windows and Android).

MCTS - This page is dedicated to windows UCI engines using Monte Carlo Tree Search.


On the page Downloads you'll find engine books and rarities like InfinityChess/ - Engine, Freestyle and Raffael games.

Leela (LCZero) - Ich spreche auch deutsch. Drück mich.

New neural networks 320x24, 256x16 and 192x16 released. More about here

Currently strongest 128x10 Neural Network, which is playing with Lc0CPU at TCEC S16, can be downloaded here.

New: Lc0 for Android! Read more about here, for german people here.

Download Lc0 for Android here (Zip, arm 64 Bit only). More here.

Download distilled networks see here.

Lc0-11258-48x5 (Download Zip arm8 64 Bit): This engine contain a small 48x5 weights file embedded into the engine itself. 

ChessCombi with Lc0 (or other engines) - Read more about here, and watch a YouTube video here.

Leelafish - LeelaFish is a modified version of the Lc0 engine that gets help from an outside (auxiliary) engine. Read more about: English. German, German2.

New: Komodo 13 released! Read more about here. Komodo 10 is now for free.  Android version is available at Google Play Store.

New Neural Network UCI Engine: Allie. Read more about here.

New: Thothfish 1.2.1 (derivative of Stockfish). Read more about in the Talkchess Forum here.



Play daily engine tournament at 16h server time (11 rounds 12m + 2s).

Play daily engine tournament at 17.30h server time.

TCEC (Top Chess Engine Championship at live

CCC (Computer Chess Championship at live

My account on is SolistaChess and InfinityChess Solista.